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"Shut up and listen!"

I recently had an Intuitive Soul Reading with Sandra Fazio and prior to our session, in preparation, she pulled three cards from an oracle deck to share with me. Interestingly, I had pulled three cards from the very same deck just before our session to get guidance prior to our appointment.

*There are NO coincidences! I was gifted the Sacred Rebels Oracle Deck by Alana Fairchild, by my daughter, Rachel, for Christmas. The very same deck Sandra was guided to use for our session.

One of the cards was #36Listening for Truth and this quote from the book that accompanied the card jumped out at me:

We live in a world where truth is frequently avoided out of fear of what it might reveal.”

The facing of truth can bring about crippling shame; shame of not seeing “reality” or refusing to accept certain inalienable truths. Someone who chooses to live in denial isn’t so much in “denial” but more so trying to avoid the shame that comes from the internal “I told you so; you didn’t listen.”

How much do we beat ourselves up for those moments when we went against our own inner knowing?

A lot! All the time.

Growth comes when we begin to recognize the patterns of our own refusal to listen to our Inner Guidance System and the outcomes that occur – usually not in our best interest.

But what if you are unable to hear that inner voice? What if you don’t trust that what you may hear is actually YOU? With so many distractions – internet, Wi-Fi/EMF, social media, movies, TV, news, etc. – we may not have had the experience of being able to discern our Soul’s calling.

When was the last time you sat in silence, in stillness and just listened?

Without a phone in your hand?

Without noise in the background?

For more than 10 minutes?

Does silence make you uncomfortable? If the answer is YES, ask yourself WHY?

Do you need to have earbuds with music on to drown out your thoughts?

What if you are pushing away your most valuable gift? What if you are blocking your truest essence?

Ask yourself WHY?

The “Powers that were” have made it their mission to convince you, to train you, to condition you to feel uncomfortable in silence. To always need to have something grabbing your attention. Have you ever wondered why? Because our power, as spiritual beings having a human experience, is in hearing our Soul’s calls and feeling that innate knowing of what’s true for us and being empowered to act on that calling.

To be EMPOWERED is the greatest threat to those that want to control us.

I can hear you asking, “So what can I do?”

Learn Discernment.

How do I do that?”

Deep Listening.

Will it be uncomfortable? YES!

Will you want to run? YES!

Will you find any excuse to avoid doing it? YUP!

Will it be the most important, most beneficial thing you can do? ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY!

Another quote from the same card that speaks to the value of this deep inner listening:

“Truth speaks to us constantly, but not always in words. It may communicate through a feeling that is hard to put into words but brings an inexplicable sense of peace, trust and the knowledge that somehow everything is going to work out perfectly – even if there is little evidence of how it is all going to happen.”

Imagine what your life would be like if you could just sink into the deep well of stillness and feel your way through every decision put in front of you and be given undeniably clear signs of what the next right move should be?

Imagine being able to trust your own intuition and have faith that if you follow your heart, follow the feeling and not the logical brain and KNOW, without a shadow of a doubt, that you are on the right path?

You CAN have this experience, every single day of your life.

Just by listening.

I’ve been cultivating my own discernment most of my life and I can count on both hands (and feet) how many times I went against my better judgment and got burned in the process. If I’m honest, I felt that niggle that gently warned me or said “are you sure?” and said “I KNOW what I’m doing! Shut up!”

We tend to make decisions from a place of guilt or shame (negative emotions) than from a place of great inner peace and awareness. We can look out in the world and see this pattern playing out in FULL view. What would our lives look like if we could make every decision, every move, every interaction from a more self-realized place?

Dare I say it could resemble Nirvana?

When we endeavor to heal ourselves, healing ripples out into the Universe.

If we want to create a better world for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren, it really must start with ourselves.

Developing your discernment muscle is the best workout you can commit to in 2024.

Life will become easier, more magical.

You’ll have trust in yourself to always make the best next move for your highest good.

You won’t depend on others to give you the “Truth” because there is no Universal Truth – you will have your OWN truth that you can count on, every step of your journey. There’s nothing more empowering than that!

I challenge you to carve out 10 minutes a day of uninterrupted time, in absolute quiet and stillness.

Let the monkey mind run wild. It will get tired out, I promise.

Have a journal and pen near by to write down any insights, and Soul musings that float to the surface.

If you will commit to do this every day for 21 days, it will become like oxygen – you can’t live without it.

Once you’ve mastered that, we’ll throw in “Surrender” but I don’t want to push you too much too early.

I promise, this will change your life. It has completely changed mine.

I am fully discerning, fully surrendered, fully trusting and open for all that life has in store for me, “even if there is little evidence of how it is all going to happen.”

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