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Creations and Collaborations

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What we need now MUCHMORE than ever is a place where we can learn, grow and EVOLVE in these transformative times. Where we can lift one another up when we are feeling low, confused or just down right exhausted. Where we can find common ground in a time when there is so much division. This is NOT the place to debate about who is right or wrong. There's enough of that going on all over social media. This is a place to lay down your sword, rest your feet and be embraced by your tribe. And in doing so, we can raise our vibrations and the vibration of the collective to ensure that LIGHT overcomes the darkness. YOU HAVE BEEN INVITED TO BE A MEMBER OF THIS SACRED TRIBE. I honor the light within you.

*Facebook group has been disabled for now. We are in the midst of re-evaluating how we want to move forward with this concept. More to come!

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I have always known that I would write a book one day.

And that time is NOW!

I will be sharing the beautiful wisdom that I have received in QHHT sessions with Bella Grace of Enchanted Energy.

She and I have worked together for years and have recorded my sessions for my review to continue my very personal inner journey and now it's time to share it with the masses. 

MORE TO COME! Stay tuned!

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